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The 24-7 smart home system that keeps you in touch and in control.

Our smart home system provides a complete home protection from the inside out. The system allows you to easily incorporate additional security and home safety devices. When connected to a security monitoring station, there is always a professional to give you extra peace of mind.

This system can also be professionally monitored by a central station for 24-hour emergency response.

Why is choosing
247 ZeroWIRE the
Smarter Choice?

  • With an average installation time of under 3 hours, we aim to secure your home with minimal disruption to your busy day.

  • Our installers offer a personalized service to insure your customized home system is set up with your needs in mind.

247 ZeroWIRE
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What makes a 247 ZeroWIRE home a safer home?

Peace of mind – Make sure the kids got home on time, check in on contractors, or see how your pets are behaving, all through live streaming video via indoor/outdoor cameras or with push messages. Set your home to automatically close the garage, lock doors, turn off lights, and modify home temperature with the push of a button.

Our system combines security features with smart home technology to create an all-around solution for modern homeowners. Included is the free app, which allows homeowners to add their own smart devices.


This system can also be professionally monitored by a central station for 24-hour emergency response. 


Available for both iOS and Android™ devices

The UltraSync+ mobile app extends the programming and interactive capabilities of the UltraSync SmartHome beyond your front door. This system can also be professionally monitored by a central station for 24-hour emergency response.

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Low Cost

24-7 zeroWire is a Smart Home Security System at an affordable price.


Flexible and Expandable 247 Zerowire grows with your requirements.

Security Packages are  available from just €199

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Speed of Installation

With average Installation in under 3 hours, our team of Professionals will provide you with a Quality & Efficient Installation that works within your time constraints. Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements

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24 Hour Monitoring

Alarm monitoring allows for quick & detailed communication between your zeroWire security system & your Monitoring Centre, giving you security & peace of mind 24/7. All emergency & system events will be notified to the appropriate authorities.

First and Foremost, the zeroWire is a robust Security system controller sometimes referred to as a hub.


With an easy to use control panel and simple user keypad (with accompanying voice commands), the system is ideal for easy arming & disarming of the system. 

The 24-7 zeroWire system is equipped with the facility for generating Panic, Fire or Medical messages from the panel when programmed with a one touch button facility.  The panel also incorporates a health and status check of the system, all with the simple touch of a button.

The system design allows for a wide variety of Wirefree Security and Life Safety detection devices.

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Detection device options include:


Wirefree Magnetic contacts 

Positioned on your doors and windows this sensor will detect any unauthorized opening of the doors or windows and alert the system control panel.

A Wirefree Inertia Shock Sensor 

This sensor will detect an attempted opening of a door or window by its ability to monitor large and small shock events occurring at the door or window. 

This is an ideal form of detection and in most cases the Shock sensor devices will alert the system control panel before the intruder will have the opportunity to open the protected door or window.

Wirefree Motion detectors 

Commonly referred to as Passive Infra-Red detectors or PIR) will detect the infra-red body heat energy of a would-be intruder and signal an alarm event to your system control panel.  PIR’s are mainly used to cover large areas of your home or business premises (rooms and offices etc.). 

These are mainly interior devices, however the zeroWire range of PIRs caters for both interior and exterior requirements.

Wirefree Dualtech Detection 

A detection device used in areas where passive heat sources or airflow heat sources may be present and may cause false or unwanted alarm events if a PIR only is used.

Examples of these types of areas are:

  • Conservatories where sun bursts may cause heat spikes in the protected area, or

  • A garage which is not well sealed and may have strong airflow fluctuations in the protected area from air drafts coming from under the garage door.

Wirefree PA/Medical Button

Wirefree PA/Medical Button is a push button device which can be worn around a person’s neck, on their belt or can be fitted to a stationary structure such as a wall or desk.  These units are active 24 hours of the day and will alert the relevant respondent (i.e. family member or minder, emergency services, Police or Ambulance service) by means of a signal to a 24hour monitoring center. 

The Button can be programmed as a Panic device for security or as a medical device for people who may require monitoring for medical reasons. Available in white or black.

Wireless Smoke/Heat detector 

A detection device that will monitor your premises for smoke, heat or both, depending on the chosen programming method when the unit is installed. 

These units are active 24 hours of the day and will alert the homeowner or a keyholder of the premises, using an instant message and/or the emergency services (i.e. Fire emergency service) by means of a signal to a 24hour monitoring center.

Wireless Flood/Freeze sensor

This simple and effective device is placed in vulnerable areas at risk of flood or freezing events.  This innovative sensor can be used for many applications and areas – under a water tank, water boiler, under a washing machine, in a comms room etc. The unit will notify the relevant respondent with a push notification to their phone(s) and/or via a signal to your 24-hour monitoring center. 

Early detection of a water leakage or freezing pipes can save a householder or a business a large cost in refurbishment from such an event.

The zeroWire RF keyfob

A convenient 4 button fob with simple one touch actions for Arming, Disarming or partially Arming the system.  These buttons can also be programed to assist with other day to day activies, such as opening an automated garage gate or door, or turning on lights before entering / leaving your premises.

The LED on the keyfob will confirm successful actions to the user and indicate if there are issue in completing the command, such as out of range or system not ready to set (maybe due to a window being left open). This is a powerful flexible and convenient addition to the zeroWire system.

The zeroWire WIFI doorbell 

A powerful add-on accessory, offering live video, two-way audio, motion detection and recording of person(s) ringing your doorbell.  This device can be controlled by your UltraSync+ APP allowing you to view any person ringing your doorbell and giving you the choice to answer through a two-way audio channel.  The doorbell comes complete with a built-in 16GB SD memory card, so even if you miss a call you can review video and audio footage at a later stage. 

Through the App you can also choose to store video clips you may need to retain for any reason.  The Doorbell replaces your traditional doorbell and comes out of the box with a choice of three colours – White, Charcoal and silver.

The zeroWire WIFI Desktop camera and Outdoor WIFI camera 

A powerful add-on accessory, offering live video, two-way audio and recording options based on the security requirements of the homeowner.  The camera can be programmed to record video and/or audio in the event of an alarm activation.   The cameras come with a 16GB SD memory card that can be access by the homeowner.  The video footage can be stored if required. 

This device can be controlled by using your UltraSync+ APP and cameras can be accessed by the homeowner to check on their premises at any time.



247 Zerowire offers the latest in security and smart technology for the home and business world.

With experience of thousands of home and business installations throughout Ireland, 24-7 zeroWire part of the 24-7 Group is the smart choice for your security peace of mind.


Providing the latest wire-free security technology to protect your home and family, gives you the flexibility and know-how to make your home a smart home. Along with a comprehensive range of security products, 247 Zerowire offers the latest in smart lifestyle products to make your day-to-day activities easier.


With the zeroWire App, you can conveniently control a wide selection of lifestyle enhancing products such as: Wi-Fi doorbell cameras, internal /external Wi-Fi cameras, and a wide range of ‘smart’ device options (smart lights, smart thermostat controls, smart door locks – plus many more)


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